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I wish to thank the city council for electing me as president of the municipality of JBEIL- BYBLOS. It is a great honor for me to be in charge of this great city and I look forward to working with each and everyone of you, members, employees and citizens, for your sake and for the sake of city of JBEIL.
First, I would like to extend my thanks to my predecessors, former presidents for their efforts and accomplishments which led the city to success. We are grateful for what you have done to preserve the cultural heritage of JBEIL, especially the achievements we realized together in the past years which helped restore the ancient glory of Byblos and made it echo all over the world.

Second, I cannot but thank every “Jbeili” (person from Jbeil) for their trust to work together and cooperate for the interest of this special city with a rich history and archeological sites among the oldest in the world. JBEIL- BYBLOS is also the city of coexistence between its inhabitants in spite of their political and religious differences. And thanks to our faith and to the support, friendliness and trust of our city inhabitants, we were able to be standing at this point, because they have cooperated with us and they had faith in the projects we promised to achieve.

Third, I promise you that we are continuing with the developmental, environmental and touristic projects and that we have the duty and obligation to maintain the beautiful and civilized image of Lebanon and its people and spread it in the world, because JBEIL- BYBLOS is not only a Lebanese city but a city with 7000 years of civilization. For this, we have different projects that will help JBEIL- BYBLOS grow in order to keep up the pace with the technological and industrial development, without prejudice to its archeological and cultural value.

Fourth, Cooperation, relations building and common projects with other countries will continue and expand more and more, because they constitute the main conditions that led the city to success and helped it gain international renown thanks to a project that started in 2010 with an elite of young men and women from Jbeil with faith in their city, led by former president of Municipality and current MP Ziad EL HAWAT, where we walked together in the project of reviving and developing the city and we continue to do so after we have obtained the absolute trust from the Jbeil’s inhabitants during the 2016 municipal elections, and for whom we confirm that the project of JBEIL’s progress and prosperity will go on, go on and go on …

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