The old Souk

To understand why the souk is so important, one must also look back at the city’s history. Byblos was an important site for civilizations like the Phoenicians and the Greeks. Its historical remnants are made up of layers and layers of ruins accumulated from the Stone Age. Some of these sites include various ancient churches, a castle and a beautiful harbor. It’s no wonder then that Byblos was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984.
The most important tourist spot of the bunch is the old souk. Built during the Ottoman reign, the market is a show of their economic spirit. It was made up of several khans (inns), shops and horse stables.
Today, the souk is filled with small local shops that sell souvenirs, local crafts and various other merchandise. There are also cozy bars and cafes littered along the walk, waiting for you to go in. The scene shifts from day to night as during the day you may find tourists and school children on a field trip exploring. At night, however, the place changes and most bars look like a dream venue for a night out.