Health Care Center

The primary Health Care Center of the Ministry of Health, established in cooperation with the municipality of JBAIL-BYBLOS, is located in the south coast of the city, street no. 9. It is one of 200 centers in Lebanon and serves all patients without exception.

Approximately 33 physicians with different specialties work in the center. A patient may undergo general tests without suffering from any disease. The Center's physicians follow up with patients suffering from diabetes, cardiac diseases and all other chronic diseases. It also offers free tests and free best-quality vaccinations for children, which are provided directly from the Ministry of Health, placed in refrigerators provided by UNICEF and distributed only to the Ministry’s health care centers. These refrigerators are solar-powered refrigerators preventing vaccines from being exposed to low temperature during power outage. In addition, a large number of free and low-price medicine is provided for families whose names are listed by the Ministry of Health within the project adopted in helping needy families.

The center's work is supported and followed up by a trusteeship council consisting of physicians, volunteers and staff interested in the Center's affairs.