Christmas 2016: The Eid is your gift

Under the slogan "the Eid is your gift", the Municipality of JBAIL-BYBLOS lit the Christmas tree and decoration for the year 2016-2017, during a ceremony held in the Roman street sponsored by Byblos Bank.
The 2016 decoration was full of Christmas colors and lights, particularly the giant tree in the Roman street, which is 30 meters high and 12 meters wide. In a gesture aimed at reducing the decoration environmental impact and cost, while providing a new and innovative idea, a recycling method was adopted in the decoration design through the use of some parts of the previous trees, to which aesthetics and unique techniques were added. Inspired by the Christmas spirit, the Lebanese were offered the opportunity to donate one dollar as a contribution to lighting up the hearts of the Lebanese and of the needy, because joy is only reached by lighting up the needy hearts and helping children in need in return for sending an empty SMS to 1109.
The Christmas village proceeds were donated to 8 children and elderly associations.