"From Byblos To The World" United for Christmas 2017

The Lebanese community is spread all over the world and for Christmas 2017, Byblos took the initiative to unite all these people together through the power of the holiday.

Byblos created an experience that brings the Lebanese family closer together; an experience that
connects us, no matter where we live: From Byblos To The World, United for Christmas.

The 27 m tree made up of steel pipes with lights emerging from every side represents communication between the Lebanese people living in Lebanon and the ones living abroad.
The steel pipes rest on a 10 x 10 platform portraying the globe and every foot emerges from a continent that holds Lebanese diaspora.

A replica of the tree has been sent to Lebanese people in 20 different cities and we will be journeying with them and their holiday adventures all throughout the Christmas season.
Furthermore, since the holidays and the theme are all about unity, one lucky family will be flown to Lebanon and spend Christmas with its family and friends.

This year, it goes beyond the Christmas tree and the festive lights, it goes beyond the decorations in whole, this year, Byblos has created an irreplaceable experience for all the Lebanese people around the world.