Municipal Cultural Center

The Municipal Cultural Center in Jbail was established to encourage reading, promote culture and develop the concept of cooperation and communication among the people of the region. The Center offers all activities, practices and services to allow the city and district residents and all visitors of the center to benefit from various cultural activities as it presents Arabic, French and English books, daily newspapers, and weekly and monthly magazines.

The center offers a free Internet service that allows the visitors to conduct research and to surf the web. The center aims to raise the level of cultural awareness and support the talented people, creators and youth through the establishment and sponsorship of cultural activities and programs, in addition to various professions such as painting, photography, theater, acting, gardening, poetry slams and concerts, film, photography and painting exhibitions, for the purpose of developing an intellectual and creative society, and creating an environment capable of developing the capacities of the youth and establishing national identity.

The Cultural Center works under the direct guidance of the Mayor in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture as a partner library and a center for reading and cultural action. It seeks to provide citizens with the highest cultural standards in the belief that nations are built through culture, science and knowledge dissemination.