26 May 2019

“Stronger Together” in Byblos

In cooperation with the Municipality of Jbail, “Overcome-for a better mental health” association (تخطى - نحو صحة نفسية فضلى) organized an awareness and entertaining activity called “Stronger Together” (سوا أقوى), under the patronage of Mr. Richard Kouyoumjian, the Minister of Social Affairs and in the presence of MP Ziad Al-Hawat, member of the Powerful Republic bloc; Bishop Michel Aoun, the Archbishop of the Maronite Diocese of Jbail; Nathalie Merhy Al Khoury, lieutenant Governor of Jbail; Wissam Zaarour, the President of the Municipality, Boutros Bou Younes, the representative of the Commander of Lebanese Forces Party Dr. Samir Geagea; Cecilia Doumet, President of the Association; Muktars and a crowd of figures.
“The basic cell of our society is family on which we are keen,” Kouyoumjian said, adding that “communities living in war, existential, economic and life crises are suffering and studies are being carried out to psychologically and materially support them. There are also cases of hostility, anomalies and a rise in the crime rate. Thank God that we - despite the war, the mandate, the difficulties and the national and existential suffering, and the difficult circumstances experienced by the Lebanese as family - are still strong and cohesive. "
“It is the duty of the municipality to take care of human beings before taking care of material things, so it is continuously organizing awareness campaigns on health, nutrition, the environment and psychology as well as on public safety”, Zaarour said during a speech.
“With the help of the family committee presided by attorney Iskandar Gebran and with every party concerned, the Church is always working for the sake of families and helping them face the challenges that sometimes stand in their way,” Bishop Aoun clarified.
The role of the association is to underline the importance of maintaining family bonds and cooperation among family members to reduce difficult psychological situations that may lead to violence, addiction, tension, anxiety, frustration, depression and unfortunately to suicide.