30 May 2019

New website & Mobile App

In order to develop and modernize the municipal work in line with the digital development and to expedite the completion of transactions and facilitate their delivery, thus relieving the burden on citizens, the president of Jbail-Byblos Municipality launched an official website enabling citizens to follow up with their administrative paperwork online or through a telephone application. The website also allows people to stay posted about any news related to their city and the activities organized by the municipality, in addition to submitting complaints and suggestions about any matter concerning the city.
The site ( consists of two parts. The first is Baladati (My Town), which includes information about the city's history, members, activities, projects, achievements and tourist attractions and their locations on the tourist map. The second part, however, Baladiyati (My Municipality), publishes the circulars issued by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and the decisions made by the Municipal Council, as well as the budget and the closed accounts for each year. The site also explains the municipal departments and their roles. Citizens can also download forms of applications and permits that should be filled before submitting any request to the municipality.
To allow each and every citizen to verify the invoices and dues before their maturity or to inquire about his/her official paperwork and the relevant administrative processes, the Municipality has developed a program allowing citizens to follow up with the department to which the paperwork was referred in accordance with the administrative reporting, by entering a user name and a password.
In light of the importance of communication and interaction with resident citizens and expatriates, the Municipality of Jbail has opened an Instagram account “@jbeilmuniciaplity”, which is linked to the Municipality’s official Facebook page (Municipality of Jbail-Byblos).