25 May 2019

Honoring the businessman Abdel Massih

The Municipality of Jbail-Byblos honored businessman Mr. Antoine Abdel Massih who made a donation for the construction of the city's Palais des Congrès. The ceremony was held in the Town Hall, attended by MP Ziad Al-Hawat, member of the Strong Republic Bloc, Wissam Zaarour, the president of Jbail municipality, along with municipal council members and project architect Valery Haykal.
Zaarour said during a speech that the project "is very important for the city of Jbail and the whole district," pointing out that "the preparation for the project has begun with MP Al-Hawat in 2010 back when he was still the President of the Municipality. Today, the dream will come true thanks to the honoree’s generosity and love for his country and the city of Jbail. If it were not for people like Dr. François Bassil and Mr. Abdel Massih who helped the municipality, without expecting anything in return, in the implementation of many development projects, Jbail would not have accomplished the things it has accomplished to date: a renaissance at all levels."