Public Transportation

In view of the urgent need for a public transportation project linking the city of JBAIL to the rest of the district and capable of meeting the needs of the large number of passengers commuting on the arteries of Jbail-Beirut, Jbeil-the district and Jbeil neighborhoods, the municipality of JBAIL-BYBLOS sought to provide a regular transportation service on the lines which are connected to these arteries, to alleviate traffic congestion resulting from the use of private vehicles in the absence of a fast and organized transportation service.

The air-conditioned buses are equipped with a Wi-Fi service and depart from a central station in Jbail, connecting Beirut to the coast and to the mountains by passing in several villages. For the passenger to know the time of departure and direction of travel, the passenger can check the Mobile Application.

Public Transportation is another project added to a series of projects carried out by the municipality of JBAIL-BYBLOS to make the life of people, tourists and visitors easier, and to promote tourism.